Individual memoirs can be accessed via the “Memoirs” index tab at the top or bottom of the page. They include:

Adolph Mechner’s memoir

The 1,000 page family autobiography compiled by Adolph in 1975-78, originally in four looseleaf binders. Photocopies were created by Vicki Mechner in the 1980s. The version on this website is based on materials scanned and uploaded in 2010-2020.

Adolph’s memoir includes interviews with Lisl, Hedy, Lisa, Johanna, and Walter, and sections contributed by Francis and Vicki around 1978.

Please let us know if you find omissions or errors, or if you have better-quality scans of any elements. [Ed. note: We have only a scanned black-and-white photocopy of volume 2 (Chapters 24 through 54), not Adolph’s original with photo pages. We’d be thrilled if that turns up, or if someone can find any of the additional letters and correspondence between Ziegler family members in 1938-42 that Adolph mentioned he had collected and planned to include as an appendix.]

Other family memoirs

Other individual memoirs and documents on this site include materials by:

Francis Mechner

Lisl Ziegler

Johanna Cooper

Eva Baker’s Ziegler research

Oscar Weitzberg’s Story

Family letters and documents scanned by Coopers

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