Welcome to our family history website. Here you’ll find memoirs, interviews, photos, artwork, letters, and documents chronicling six generations of the Mechner-Ziegler clan’s experiences.

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The biggest part of the site is the massive family autobiography completed by Adolph Mechner (1897-1988) in 1978. In his introduction, he wrote that his purpose was “to let my descendants, children, and grandchildren know where they came from… They will learn what difficulties, enormous efforts, sufferings, and often great tragedies combined to bring them into their present position.

“There are moments in everybody’s life when one thinks of his ancestors, becomes interested in certain details, perhaps in a mood of melancholia. Then these pages may become helpful or perhaps important.

“They will read the story again when they will be grown up and understand better what is described. Then they will perhaps continue by adding their own story and that of their own progeny. Vivant sequentes–May others follow.”

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